Xue Manzi in the eyes of Internet +: the industry needs

1. Who can get through the wall between traditional industries and the Internet, it is a fortune
Essence; 2. In fact, every industry has & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo

3. Now the biggest opportunity is the equity investment
4. A start-up companies dare to share is a necessary condition for success
Xue Manzi in the eyes of the Internet +
Hello everyone! Have the opportunity to share with you today, I would like to say & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo ;, I think & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo; this concept, we should say this thing from the Internet to the present invention gradually permeated our society and economy almost every aspect, the beginning www, gradually to .com.
After Mr. Jobs's revolution, everyone thinks the phone is to call something, Jobs said no, Jobs said that this is the era of mobile and suddenly put what phone it clear. Therefore, before most cattle Nokia, Motorola, less than three years out of.
Tesla now has what he says is the car? Car not a car, the car is a computer with four wheels, this is the Tesla. Cars we did 100 years, we spent countless experiences, how the engine can do, how can the transmission do, how can dazzle appearance do, toss a thousand dollars a car from Ford until today to come and go forward, but Tesla did one thing, put the industry subverted.
It is for us Chinese people great thing, we Chinese people are most afraid of is to do the engine, we play, but German, fear to do the transmission, to play, but the Japanese, Chinese people play computer an expert in the world The computers, including both Mr. Jobs and Chinese people cooperation, the Chinese people have no problem playing computer. So, I think this industry has tremendous potential.
We say that the Internet +, that is the outlet, just of you said, and what is the outlet, I think the most simple, air is the opportunity. Lei Jun has been able to succeed, is that he successfully predicted to our Chinese people, so many of the mobile phone users will rapidly bring smartphones iterative update, he knew more than others, created a history of world science and technology he created three years later miracle. He made from one software, hardware, people never done, it took nine months to find the seven individuals, seven individual is the industry's most outstanding person, sharing their wealth, working together, to own become a 47 billion dollar company.
Frankly, I find the time Lei Jun, Xu Xiaoping, Zeng Liqing, Kai-fu Lee, and so angels biggest names, we do not have a money, why not give money? That we look at missed it. why? Because he is a lifetime do Kingsoft, he did excellent, did the electricity supplier, which he did phone ah. Not only those of us who missed it, all the biggest names in VC, IDG did not give money, give money is well-known property developers in Hong Kong Hang Lung Properties, they raised two young man underneath.
At that time people do not give money, Liu Qin dig 500 million US dollars to buy a 20%, and are related to each round vote, and now there are millet company a 19% stake. We calculate 19% of $ 470 million is what the concept. 19 percent probably around nine billion dollars in just three years time, which is what we witnessed things. This is an opportunity we can find outlet, found.
Each of you to do the traditional industry people, you are faced with a very good chance. why? Internet-based traditional industries play 90, 80, after the children do not understand the traditional industry, do not know what can not play. It's like a wall, like Mr Qian said, in which people want to go out, people want to come out, who can get through to the wall, opened on fortunes.
Think you have a traditional industry which is currently around a huge pain points, pain points through which the mobile Internet, Internet of things, the new economic factors that could quickly transform the industry, you can quickly become an industry's richest man.
So I think that people who play in the traditional industries are capable of binding factor of the Internet, in fact, is one of the biggest advantages of this thing is I think the future may 30 & mdash; one thing 50 years are endless. Because our traditional manufacturing, services are facing upgrades.
Of you here to do a variety of traditional industries, our greatest tragedy of life is to spend 99 percent of the time busy with unimportant trivia. You think you are the most important industry in the future 3 years, 5 years, 10 years is what kind of situation, how can we think of the use of current resources, to find what kind of person, what kind of team with trophies learning Lei Jun, the own shares share to each other, to do business in a first-class team, so that & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo; can be truly realized.
At the same time that there are many people who do the Internet, they do not understand the biggest problem is the traditional economy, for example, the most simple, we are doing mobile health, those who do not move the vast majority of medical doctor.
After doing a series of 90 children with mobile health, mobile health-related things that are superficial, never landing.
So this is what we say today, & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo; huge opportunity, in fact, care about the interests of everyone, in fact, in today's society, we are all around opportunities. We lack it is: first, to have a good goal; second, we lack good team; Third, you can flicker to investors to give you money.
The situation today is not the same as before, almost every city has a government-led industry funds and a large number of private companies, venture capital companies, and the establishment of various listed companies portfolio.
Should be said that our Chinese business environment is not the world's first, or at least the world's second, Why do you say? Because the United States to do a long time, the United States, angel investors about the total number is 10 times the Chinese people, the biggest benefit is the completion of a good industrial chain, the vast majority of American angel investor is an angel investment club, We play together, just like old Friends Meeting heart He's the same, we usually go to the South Pole, or the Grand Canyon play.
Most of the United States these people are 60 years old, 55 years old, has fame retired, but he did not let his business done, but want to help young people. On the one hand a little feelings, on the one hand have a lot of experience, these people on the establishment of 30 & mdash; 50 human investment club, these three fifty one person out of 20 & mdash; 50 million dollars. Such American angel investment club may have many thousands, all over the eastern, central and western regions.
We've all heard of companies such as Sequoia, he is famous, not only is now well known that he voted in Facebook, also invested in Yahoo and Apple, and Hewlett-Packard. Ten years as one day, one of these can be put into the world leader, this is not by chance, playing a Mongolian, you give me 50 years Mongolia requires a high degree of difficulty, this is a very high gold content of Mongolia thing.
I think Jimmy always said, well, that is, as an investor is not really easy, the vast majority of what we see are success stories, but as we saw the case as entrepreneurs, how each of us from a child , two or three years, or five years, how it became a big, get a lot of one hundred million.
But in fact the vast majority of entrepreneurs who played all know, every day they are seeking to survive and continue to produce a vicious competitive environment, every day care, and struggle. Even those who are also listed in perpetuity, like the United States together superior products, if just a fake, probably overnight bankruptcy risk at any time. For entrepreneurs, it is very hard, we see only in the newspaper how much money he can not think there is much hardship, how much distress.
Companies disclose user database, you can search directly from the Google site, so we should pay attention to search engine leak, we should actively use search engines, closely monitor their exposure.
Our topic today is & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo ;, I personally think we determined to do a good job in this regard, in fact, would sink in the heart, a good think about it calmly. Think of the nature of this industry, which is currently not done something, what things are not done the Internet can do now.
You have to meet this regard, to solve this bottleneck, solve the bigger this bottleneck, the greater the value of your company's future business.
So & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo; all do the Internet, including people who do traditional business, I give a simple example, say printing. China probably above prefecture-level cities have let more than 360 first-tier, second-tier cities have daily newspaper, probably nearly 80 cities, each city has daily newspaper, Evening News, each evening has printing, printing 20:00 operating to 10:00, this live is gone.
And all this is China's printing resources idle countless. All we think of printing, if the country were able to come, then it quickly, national resolve all been vacant time and a lot of manpower. In fact, for him the boot print a business card, the cost is almost zero, but since we are a traditional store, a business card printed on hundreds of dollars, actually costs a bit of money to do.
Large-scale, industrialized solve the whole printing industry a lot of idle time, capital, human thing, a lot of people are tossing Internet play, but has no one to do it, and why? That is, most of those who do not know to play this printing, and printing of people for their own wages, raising his few people, out of beaten, did not achieve the Internet, he did not have the energy. In fact, such examples are everywhere, so things we see every day.
I now cast company? Idle resources, how can a large number of idle resources together.
The United States has a lot of people doing this thing, especially abroad, for example, I want to Japan, Anytime, as long as you pay me to let me go, I'll help you carry things. We have many methods to China idle resources from A to B, you can not succeed I do not know, but it does have this requirement. Let the couriers to accomplish this is difficult, but let millions of people, some idle people, that he was going to this place, you have no time, he can send you in the past. He walked today and tomorrow to no difference, save a ticket money go tomorrow, he must leave tomorrow, it is obvious things.
So all we need, you want to think of these young people can be, these are the opportunities. Essence; so each industry actually has & ldquo; Internet + & rdquo.
Xue Manzi Story
Zhijun: I told the teacher Xue quite fate, Laoxue is born in China red family, how kind he was on the road to investment, I want Laoxue life experiences we are able to absorb a lot about the community, about the times knowledge, but also from Laoxue learned something more. So I hope Laoxue talk about their own stories, talk about & ldquo; & rdquo ;, story Laoxue Thank you!
Xue Manzi: Old celebrate, you are calling me betrayed & ldquo; hue & rdquo; ah! I Xue Manzi, February 18, 1953 Born in Beijing, Christina 62 year old man. I live in a senior official family, my father called Xue child is, in 1925 to participate in the Chinese Communist Party. In 1927 to study the Soviet Communist University of the Toilers of the East, in 1930 to return to work, my father returned to Soviet 1930s and became a chief of staff, when the Red Army made military commander of Jiangxi Province. My father came to Beijing in 1949 made the beginning of the Beijing deputy mayor, the first Beijing People's Heroes Monument made, my father was the Secretary-General and Director of the Office. Some misfortune ensued.
I'm 14 years old, was sent to a commune in Inner Mongolia, it is one to seven years, life is very hard but that is my community college. I was in junior high school a year, until 1976 I returned to Beijing.
I take advantage of an opportunity, in the countryside when the most tired and take notes every day, reading. Winter time there is no coal, I take a dictionary, spent two months back more than 13,000 words. During read a lot of books, six months later began to see the English novel, one year after start translating English novels. At that time there will be a foundation of English, the whole of China in 1976, only three of the magazine, the first magazine called Red Flag is the official magazine of the Central Propaganda Department, the second magazine is the magazine of the Archaeological Institute of China, and the third is Cultural Relics Publishing House out of the Heritage. Then the whole of China on these three magazines, magazines need an English title, I served as English editor that Heritage magazine.
Recovery time is the 1977 national college entrance examination, I was the junior middle school into university, there is no trick, want to go to college? I think, how to do? To test students! Leadership not to, because you have to go to work, then I discuss with the leadership, the leadership said, you have the ability to count you test it, I'll test one, then in 1978 the first session of the National Institute of Social Sciences Chinese history, foreign relations History with a total score I enrolled as a graduate.
Why I was admitted? I clever? I'm not stupid, but I really smarter than others? Absolutely not, is to use a method that my competitors?
First, college students, and the second was in high school, there are married, there would like to return to Beijing. People who want to return to Beijing, the heart to kill all, competition is particularly fierce, I must think of a move. That's when I found I was looking for a first professional traditional universities do not teach old professional, because foreign relations is not taught before, so I chose the history of foreign relations. Secondly, I must be stronger than the Chinese to learn English, my English is stronger than learning Chinese, I would get a total score of the first. Politics is not the only improper, 43 minutes, not sure why it is always four insist, not five insisted, nor is it three sticks. I also specifically looking for cramming politics of Social Sciences of people to help me make up classes, or else encounter this problem only to give up, politics fail, the rest are okay, the English exam, 99 minutes, world history, Chinese history The fingers are writing crisp.
I think that year probably millions of people nationwide university entrance exam, test hundreds of thousands of students, we have a mighty force in single, so you have to think of a good move, how can you take advantage of the characteristics of play, play differentiated product, at that time have a chance.
At that time there was a chance to study abroad, study this matter think, ah! No money, how to do? Fudge! At that time I was thinking about looking for leadership. By chance to visit the University of California, Berkeley, at that time need to be translated, but also to understand Chinese history, then I fooled him to write a letter to the Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, says Charles & middot; Mr. Xue is relatively outstanding Chinese talent, if you do not give him a scholarship, it will be a loss of our University of California. That letter a go, in 1981 I received a full scholarship for a year, it is the way this is an opportunity.
July to the United States, only fifty dollars in my pocket, take 10 months before school is not enough, then how do? Work.
There is a newspaper, it will look for a Chinese pinyin, I think this I will. I was carrying a lot of books I went, is Dingdingyouming Son, he invented a machine translation, you just say the word, in 32 languages around the world can say it, I will help him translate pinyin Chinese.
This is something I very much at home, a summer to earn more than 7,000 dollars. Buying a car, not happiness. In 1981 seven thousand dollars at that time very much.
So I jumped at the chance to go to school, go to the United States the opportunity, while China just up when I saw after 1985, all foreign companies had to look at China, that China has the opportunity at that time. Our students return home, find China's biggest pain points, at that time, only four percent of the phone, have to spend five thousand dollars can be loaded on the phone, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have installed equipment vain, this thing is a big opportunity, we started to play UT Starcom, registered and then find the capital, in 2001 in the United States market. This is the first batch of students listed companies, Sina, Netease, Sohu, UT Starcom, is a good opportunity to catch up, to mobilize all the power, all the money, all the energy, we worked hard to do for a few years , so this is all successful people necessary conditions.
Now I think what is chance? The biggest opportunity is that equity investments.
China is facing a major trend change in assets, and today China's new three-panel, are for the people business, the highly innovative raised capital channel. So to have this opportunity to the people here we have an unprecedented opportunity. As an entrepreneur I can not find the money before, find money in the future do not know where to go, few can really market.
China has a number of start-up companies do? There are more than 1200 million, which is a mighty force in single and the same, so now have the opportunity, and now three new board, there would be tens of thousands, I think there would provide a large number of special channels for all people.
So I think everyone has a lot of opportunities in front of, not sterile can only rely on yourself, the opportunity now facing much, the opportunity to realize there are many, money, someone, there is a team, there is government support.
We have never been throughout China five thousand years of such an egalitarian liberal business environment, not so relaxed capital channels, but there is no mechanism for a broad multi-channel. So these are unprecedented opportunities every entrepreneur, hands only a few million dollars, and slowly accumulated to tens of millions of dollars, as long as they do the professional market segment leader boss, very good. Just do takeaway boss, it is also very cattle, what is wrong. So I think we should not aim too high, you dig out deep industrial potential, the industry segment slowly so thoroughly, fine, whatever you want one thing, that is your real direction, and I think everyone should realistic.
The second point is that entrepreneurs are too concerned about their own business, have felt incredible thing cattle. In fact, they are all the same, I am also, we are the effort's success. The United States has a well-known company, he in the most depressed economic time to do a concept incubator hatching as hundreds of start-ups, and finally made a very scientific, the successful experience of all start-up companies listed.
The first is the opportunity accounted for 42%, 28% of the team, financing 12%, the rest of the mess together make up 100%, so we have no way to control capacity, you only hard, do not think what a great person he is, in fact, equal opportunities for everyone. So competent out to dry out, kung fu big deal dead three to five years can also play on the computer, you are still young, I have more than 60, but also every day in the flicker, you no problem, there must be opportunity.
The company should establish a more complete network system, with a reasonable network structure, critical network devices and communication lines should have a redundant backup to ensure the safe and stable operation of business systems.
So there are some big entrepreneurs also a few years old, you watch there are six or seven-year-old to play so much, so what chance have. You must be realistic, to enrich themselves, to fully understand myself, to know myself what to play. Today our short board this thing in the Internet era, is across the short board, how can the Internet to find your contacts, team. How much water bucket just like that, it depends on how long your board, so to find a good team. Ma ability than we are big, when Alibaba listing of a large number of shares not in his hands, but a team of people, everyone shares in the hands of business when, if not to the stake right? So start time to dare to share.
For a good example, I was ten years ago in Shijiazhuang is a 21-year-old child, this man named Li thought, born in 1981, graduated from high school. He put his car home encountered a bottleneck to achieve a certain degree, when the teacher told me that, I'm looking for a CEO, I said, what you are looking for a CEO. This time just met for Minor, is the company I invested a few million, sold a million dollars to Google when QIN Zhi came, he said that the man I want. He also said to take his own to give away 14 percent of the shares to him, the company is currently worth 5.4 billion US dollars on the New York Stock Exchange. Only he willing to do in the company vice president, professional manager leadership in submission, QIN Zhi then came the company sells about thirty-five ten million yuan, sales are now billions, is China's largest, is also the world's largest The automotive Web site.
I speak the truth is to share, if you do not have to share feelings, share of mind, without which it is impossible to achieve such a tolerance. You want to send a little wages put things resolved, the company has developed in China is impossible. You must put your resources, life, shares, willing to share the wealth a chance to go out, not to share their own dead tyrants absolutely not.

Today, I think the best example is Ren. Ren's shares are now 1%, the value in what? Able to do this on is not easy, I think as a start-up companies dare to share is a necessary condition for success. I just asked what experience, I think the biggest lesson is the courage to share.


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& Nbsp;
According to The Wall Street Journal reported that China is trying to manufacture security smart phones, so that these monitoring equipment from the United States, state-owned enterprises and some of the tech-savvy Chinese companies are involved in the project. Then, came news ZTE has obtained national large fund 2.4 billion yuan investment.
Multinational companies to enter the home countries and regions outside the country, we must comply with local laws and regulations, universal values need to make way for the special conditions, this is a very sensible approach.

Sun City:网页棋牌游戏服务端
So, ZTE ZTE is developing fast dragon chip and ZTE OS is to serve information security, or service in commercial operation? In China's current mobile phone technology strength to achieve a safe and controlled it?
Basic hardware and software is to create secure mobile phone short board


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Insufficient security controls are surfacing across consumer mobile payment apps, including five of the most popular solutions for both Android and iOS devices.
According to Bluebox Securitys 2015 Payment App Security Study, mobile payment solutions are now a prime source of risk. As mobile payment apps grow in popularity this holiday season, pervasive security flaws have created easy avenues for attackers to compromise these mobile applications, putting consumers hard earned dollars and enterprises bottom line in peril.
Bluebox examined mobile payment apps with expectations that security would be robust for mobile apps directly handling financial transactions. However, in every app reviewed, security was remarkably basic, the firm said.
Its not surprising—98% of developers polled by Bluebox have reported most mobile apps are moderately to highly vulnerable, the report found. Yet consumers are naively placing their trust and their dollars in these apps, as 69% of those polled by Bluebox were confident that the apps they use are safe from attack.
Bluebox reviewed the top two peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps that will be used to send monetary gifts to family and friends this holiday season and the top three one-click merchant apps from leading retailers. Every app examined was vulnerable to tampering that would allow rerouting of funds from a consumers account to a hackers account, without the consumers knowledge.
An alarming lapse in Internet security has exposed millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information to potential theft.
Anti-tampering controls are needed to secure the app and prevent the manipulation of payments, ensuring that consumer dollars end up in the hands for which they were intended.

Also, on average, 75% of the code in the apps was from third-party code libraries, which are used by enterprises to speed up mobile app development. When not properly secured and vetted, these code libraries could easily contain the next widespread exploit like Heartbleed or Stagefright—exposing payment apps to possible breaches.
None of the five apps encrypted data written to disk, meaning authentication info, transaction history and other personal information is fully visible to attackers once theyve gained access to a device or app. Enterprises providing consumer-facing applications need to secure this information or risk damaging brand reputation when consumers find out their information is free for the taking.

Additionally, all of the apps investigated can be hacked in any one of three increasingly popular attack vectors:
Attack on unmodified app – The first method of attack does not require altering the apps code. An app could be installed from a legitimate public app store but if the device is compromised, an attack can still be carried out against the app.
Attack by manipulating code – A second method is directly replacing the legitimate app with a modified app, like what was done with Masque attack.
Attack by intercepting traffic – The third method is intercepting the apps interactions with cloud services over Wi-Fi or cellular networks.
Our starting hypothesis was that mobile apps handling financial information would have more rigorous security compared to other mobile apps, but our research uncovered the opposite, said Andrew Blaich, lead security analyst at Bluebox Security. As enterprises rush to get apps to market, we are discovering the same security errors from industry to industry. Enterprises need to ensure their apps can defend themselves and make security a seamless step in the development process.
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举例:2015年9月,国内某铜企业预计市场铜价会出现较大幅度的下跌 ,将导致公司铜库存贬值。为此该公司卖出沪铜1511期货合约,价格为41000元/吨。
现货市场亏损: -3000元/吨
现货市场亏损: 4000元/吨
举例:2015年9月,国内某铜企业预计市场铜价会出现较大幅度的下跌 ,将导致公司铜库存贬值。买入11月份铜看跌期权,执行价格为41000元/吨,支付权利金1000元/吨。

2015年9月,国内某铜企业预计市场铜价会出现小幅下跌 ,将导致公司铜库存贬值。为此该公司卖出沪铜1511合约的看涨期权,执行价为41000元/吨,获得权利金1000元/顿。
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[Nam] safety education conducted six safety hazards big investigation activities

Click on the top & quot; perfection Merrill Lynch & quot; Follow us

To further enhance school safety, school Nam Sixth actively supervise all of the offices and the head teacher conscientiously fulfill security duties, to prevent all kinds of accidents and ensure school safety and stability, the morning of November 23, vice president of yellow Arts personally served inspection team leader, the rate of school-related offices concerned to focus on key parts of the school to carry out safety hazards big investigation.

The checks take various offices, health management group, canteens, each class comprehensive self-examination and self-change school organization to inspect combination, the investigation route by science building, teaching building to the library building, cafeteria, student dormitory, teachers dormitory, toilets, playgrounds and schools power distribution room. Check the contents are: water supply facilities, electricity facilities, fire facilities, laboratory chemicals, canteen food hygiene and possible safety risks due to regulatory tools, furniture and other waste. By checking we found that when the power switch is damaged, some bulb does not light, some hydrants bag filled with water, some fans have jitter, some tables and chairs do not collect waste and so on. 10:30, Vice President Huang was held in branch activity room will summarize the activities of the investigation, the problems found in the proposed reform program, responsibilities to the people, a deadline for rectification in place.
Through this big investigation, not only to implement the school safety management responsibilities, schools play to enhance emergency response capability and safety management level of action to prevent and reduce the incidence of school safety incidents, but also enhances the staff and students of safety first, life oriented, prevention-oriented consciousness, thus effectively protect the life and property safety of students and teachers, to promote peace and harmony Campus.
(Nam Sixth feed)
Follow the public can participate in reviews No.

Micro-channel sweep the attention of the public number

By identifying key safety indicators, including monitoring, assessment and hiring chief information security officer to ensure the security of critical data, CEO and a director who can understand their company in a connected world how to manage information security risks.
Strengthening security monitoring and auditing systems, especially with the deployment of appropriate adjustments to the data leakage prevention systems or security event management platform stricter settings to prevent confidential data being taken away before leaving employees, in addition to do the logging for audit use.
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Recently, my circle of friends suddenly spread from such a content Come and pick up the flow, when the user clicks to go after will find that their Friends has been successfully received a flow of hundreds of megabytes, and you only need to enter the phone number can also be free to take to traffic. However, when you are eager to enter their phone number, you have succeeded in a trap. A few days ago, the ministry play four black four pests official microblogging microblogging released a long, detailed account of the circumstances surrounding the fraud.
It turned out that the company is advertising the trap set, with free delivery flow as a decoy, allowing users to enter their own number voluntarily, advertising agencies can send spam directly to these numbers, even the screening process are free. The year almost, a lot of people want to take this opportunity to ulterior motives a fortune, you can do not because they are cheap and fooled.
Follow the public can participate in reviews No.
Safety recommendations submitted information security management personnel to clear up, to make a clear case description of information security, from the impact of the entire enterprise level up elaborate.
Micro-channel sweep the attention of the public number

Tencent application treasure from the App Store
Those technical prevention system consists of advanced network information security systems built probably vulnerable, this is because the business of information security is that the real short board people's safety awareness.


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Evolution of the electricity system security protection Road

Development of new technologies brings us to an unprecedented new world, at the same time, rapid technological means to also make the traditional industrial era gone, with it comes, there is a new era that we need to face series of challenges. A few years ago, it took place in Iran's shock web virus time had shocked the industry, also led the industry concern and Thinking for a new era of industrial security challenges. This is the area of security for the people's livelihood in terms of power, the same is no exception.
Liu Jianming first information security features of the grid system were summarized and the summary, he said: Today's power systems, power grids more information technology applications, security incidents will increase the scope of the high security risk; and as wide network area, network structural complexity, security risks and more, but also makes a lot of grid security guard difficulty; and power system security is an important component of national security, which is directly related to national security, thus, the importance of information security of the power system without saying Yu.
With the Internet +, the new power system reform, and gradually promote the energy of the Internet, a variety of new business forms in large numbers, but also to the current power system compared with the past it has undergone great evolution. In this regard Liu Jianming said: The traditional power system is composed of generation, transmission, substation, distribution, electricity, scheduling and other components, and with the smart grid now, applications, power generation information and communication technologies begin to diversify , information flow, the direction of power flow, etc. all produce changes, and these changes to the information security of the power system will generate greater challenges. challenges of the moment, the first thing to do is to upgrade security concept, because people need to attract vigilance is the risk of those who never or very likely to be perceived, that is, we need to enhance the awareness of the crisis.
In this context, information security and defense policy for the power system, has also gone from the Eleventh Five-Year period of dual-network machine, partition Fenwick, grade protection, multi-layered defense, evolved into the second five Partition Fenwick, secure access, dynamic perception, comprehensive protection stage period.
As in peacetime to do the preparations for war, we should be prepared by carrying out the business impact assessment, understand the possible impact of various potential disasters occur, the development of appropriate business continuity and disaster recovery plan, including emergency communication plan comes and training programs, and regular testing and drills.
At the same time, big data, cloud computing, networking and mobile Internet application depth of new technologies in the power system, but also to promote the upgrading of existing information infrastructure, while introducing a variety of new security risks to power system network and information security work has brought new opportunities and challenges.
Faced with these new opportunities and challenges, Liu Jianming also introduced a series of work over several aspects of power system conducted. It is understood that, in large data security, it is mainly the power system data acquisition, data storage and data protection is used as the main target; cloud computing security is concerned, the focus on strengthening of the data in the cloud, border security and internal security interaction protection; in networking security is concerned, from the terminal to the site from the network, a wireless channel and protocol and application security to consider; and finally, for the mobile communications security, but also safe from the mobile terminal, a mobile channel the security level of mobile Internet services to carry out protection.

In addition, the power system also relies on big data, some security defense work. We are through the large data network security data analysis, the completion of a unified information security data view, enhance the security of data quality through data governance, network security situational awareness. Realized the power system security and make visible, but also to see the deep . Liu Jianming said.
With big data, cloud computing, the Internet, mobile Internet technology continues to integrate, develop smart grid security has also spawned a new demand. Thus, the state also proposed the Thirteen Five period of power system protection system of information security intelligence strategy, namely: manageable and controllable, precise protection, visual credible, smart defense.
Hackers and fraud has long been a global group operation, and our people's information security awareness and the developed countries there are many gaps, not repair these gaps, the same case will continue.
Liu Jianming this further said: direction for the evolution of the power system security protection, we consider intelligent defense in the thirteenth five defensive strategy, for now, the status of our national power system security worldwide still come previously, security work is also done more comprehensive. In the future, we will further improve the power system integration of the four.
It is understood that the four integration refers to the power system: consolidating infrastructure resources, optimizing infrastructure as a service, and platform as a service platform integration; building production control cloud, cloud business management, public service Cloud Three Clouds, and software as a service business application systems integration; and strengthening security prevention and control, to create a new generation of intelligent integrated safety technology credible protection system; promote the operation and maintenance of automation to achieve the integration of effective coordination operation and maintenance of the integrated operation and maintenance system.
Finally, Liu Jianming once again stressed the importance of the power system security, and noted that the security and defense of the power system, not only from ideologically attached great importance, but also to achieve the peacetime to strengthen information security in peacetime and wartime protection drill and a sense of crisis. As for the power system itself, we will have to further strengthen the security of new technologies new businesses to Thirteen Five intelligent protection system as an opportunity to do a good job of power critical information infrastructure safe and controlled work.
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PETER Well electricity network operators to solve enterprise security worries

By clicking the headline PETER Well Network can quickly focus on November 25, in 2015 the country's electricity industry will promote the integration of the two in Changsha, Hunan successfully concluded. Beijing Marina TU Network Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting, Mr. Xu Xiaoyang, vice president of network PETER grace in the power industry to further promote the integration of the two proposed ideas, in-depth analysis of the current electricity industry industrial network security situation, briefly describes the response Marina grace Network Road. In addition, the sub-forum on technology exchange today, Peter Wells, director of network solutions grace Kwa give a positive recommendation on Power Enterprise industrial safety risk warning and protection.
Mr. Xu Xiaoyang, vice president of network Marina En
Electricity is the most important economic development on the basis of the energy industry. Economic development, the demand for electricity continues to expand, integration of the two power industry trend. In the power industrial control network security situation and the response to it, the speech, Xu Xiaoyang said: The integration of the two power industry will promote the horizontal integration of the electricity network, as well as vertical integration of industrial control networks and the Internet. Integration of the two is to improve the electric power industry One effective way of production efficiency, management level and service capabilities.
Can not be ignored is that in recent years, the number of cyber attacks against industrial control systems soared, electrical safety is facing serious challenges. Xu Xiaoyang stressed, electrical safety and national economic security and stabilize people's lives has a very close relationship. PETER Well gene network dedicated to network security rooted in the power industry, through safety training and skills upgrading, development of industrial control systems network security planning and ongoing management of the three-pronged threat, ensure that the power industry, industrial control systems network security.
PETER Well Well Mr. Ke, director of Network Solutions
In today's technology exchange sub-forum, Peter Grace, director of network solutions well Kwa give a positive recommendation on Power Enterprise industrial safety risk warning and protection, sharing Marina uh network implementation case in the power industry. Well Ke believes that including the power industry, including the energy use of the Internet public access commonly used ways to improve its monitoring and operation and maintenance efficiency, which is dedicated dispatching conventional power system is specifically designed for network monitoring and operation management bring new network security threats.
Information security mechanisms required in accordance with the Who's Who is responsible for management, who used who is responsible, who is running who is responsible principle, the implementation of centralized management, graded responsibility.
In the smart grid, for example, Peter Grace and repair network considered passive defense can not be effective against the risks of smart grid automation and control system faces. For this, Peter Grace audit monitoring network security solutions proposed, through the deployment of the monitoring system, all access real-time online monitoring of the entire network, control commands and abnormal behavior, and operating behavior of intelligent instruments and other industrial equipment, to provide early warning and retroactively; threat management platform for monitoring the use of control equipment, electricity Statute, comprehensive threat management behavior, so be predicted in advance, early prevention.
In 2015, Peter Grace Network-based control systems rely on security solutions and intelligent substation industry, thermal power plants and hydropower leading safety testing, protection technology, vulnerability of thermal power plants, hydroelectric plants known brands of industrial equipment excavation detection, and risk assessment services; and carry out industrial network security training activities for the power industry.
Thirteen Five period is a critical period of development of the power industry, a new round of electricity reform is on the big screen. As intelligent industrial network security experts, Peter Grace China's power network will continue to provide security services to effectively prevent network security risks and threats faced by its control system for the safe operation of the power companies to resolve worries.
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Intelligent industrial network security experts
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