& Lt; s 703 & gt; [focus] to see the data from the big four Chinese Spring Festival hobby

Monkey Chinese New Year just around the corner, we have the Spring Festival how to play? More and more Internet companies began to accumulate and analyze user behavior data, more and more common and personality traits will be recorded network coding and analysis. Reporters learned that Ali Baba, millet, hungry yet, the public comment, High German, unfamiliar street, etc. have in a week based on their own accumulation of large data published by the sea Amoy, Takeout, travel and other annual reports. According to the report, during the Spring Festival Year of the Monkey, K songs, watching movies, chess, incense, leisure and entertainment will be four national behavior.
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Spring can buy buy buy Jingdong Suning and some cats do not go out of business days
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Currently Originally Life Network, I bought net, Shop No. 1, Jingdong Mall Jingdong non-delivery, Taobao did not label normal business and other basic business have entered the Chinese New Year holiday mode. Jingdong self-employed, self-employed and Suning Lynx labeled New Year is not closing, the business can still allow users who buy buy buy.
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With the reduction in Beijing traffic, in addition to guaranteed delivery speed than Jingdong delivery speed even slightly accelerated. This year Lynx also fast delivery – the addition to the input Spring Festival is not closing can be found outside the normal delivery shops, supermarkets Lynx, Lynx Electric City, Lynx Real-time mobile phone will continue in the country more than 90 cities in the core area distribution, major cities can be the fastest of the day of implementation. Suning also promised 90% of the region can be achieved over the next day. But consumer orders need to be aware that even says not closing the merchandise in some areas, some of the goods within a certain period of time may not be served, so be sure to focus on single electricity supplier's Spring Festival announcements and pages details.
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Overseas too hot island tour prices rose by 40%
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Island Tour Chinese New Year too hot! Way cattle travel monitoring data show that offshore island trading volume during the Spring Festival, an increase of 200%, all the islands products have been sold. Up to now, two days before New Year's Eve departure island's most popular tourist products, products of the island during the Spring Festival prices rose about 40%.
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Information system security is the use of information security technology and management tools to protect information availability in the acquisition, transmission, interchange, processing, and storage process, confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation, protect the security of information systems and stable operation.
Outside the islands, Bali, Saipan, Mauritius visa for Chinese tourists, in Bali and Mauritius has direct flights arrive, and February 3 the country will also open direct Beijing Seychelles flight time shortened 3-4 hours, these convenience factors make the island became a popular tourist destination for the Chinese New year.

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Ctrip large data show that pre-holiday travel peak will appear in the February 4 to February 6, wherein February 6 (a rule) is the highest peak; return after the holiday peak will appear in the February 12 to February 14 wherein February 13 (the sixth month) the highest peak. In the passenger peak day trips, the best 3 hours in advance at the airport check-in, so do ticket, security queuing too long to delay the trip.
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The Spring Festival, tourism product prices will plunge. With airfare, hotel, and the ground resource prices fall, the price of tourism products around February 15 began to return to normal, the Spring Festival than half the price diving. In Korea 4 3 late free products, for example, the Chinese New Year on February 8 starting price at the peak of 3539 yuan, while the March 7 price is only 1818 yuan, a difference of nearly half.
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Chinese New Year has four good K songs, watching movies, chess, incense
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During the Spring Festival, what people's favorite leisure activity is? US group public comment data show, KTV, cinema, incense, Chinese chess become a major leisure entertainment.
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New Year's Eve around the country's three most prosperous temple incense is Shanghai's Longhua Temple, Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou and Beijing Lama Temple. In addition, three Narayanan Temple, Beijing tanzhesi, Hanshan Temple in Suzhou, Nanjing Jiming Temple, Xiamen, South Putuo Temple, Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang and Yangzhou Daming Temple also ranked the top ten.
Security vendors and organizations can also consider using the Internet security company's Web site database, and then build a stronger organization and provide online behavior management system to ensure online safety of employees and increase productivity.
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Spring Festival effect chess board game is most evident from the first start, chess tables travel demand growing, heat up more than doubled compared with before the holiday, the fifth day reached a peak after the seventh heat decreased to normal levels; KTV, too , from the first beginning, KTV demand gradually increased, reached a peak in about three days.
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In addition to singing, playing cards, incense, Spring Festival film market stalls are also very prosperous, people viewing exceptionally strong demand. US group public comment data show that during the Spring Festival holiday, the cinema is much higher than normal traffic, or even super valentine. 2015 Chinese New Year stall movie box office of nearly 20 million Chinese New Year movie file is the type of rich, large, small pieces gathered far more than the expected 2 billion at the box office.
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Takeout, sea Amoy, pay to see play, young people spend a little unambiguous
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With the development of the sea Amoy, O2O etc., consumption can be quickly upgraded. Consumption upgrade, a major force to be reckoned with is the Chinese super young mothers, their sea Amoy grew from 2.4 per cent in 2012, rose to 20.1% in 2015, growth of the top five categories include baby food, baby supplies, marketing health care, personal care, tea and wine snacks, baby food sea Amoy share ratio is an increase of 34%.
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In addition to online shopping, people eat in very generous. 2016 The first day, we were hungry online reservation bill introduced year, consumption of 18 million yuan a year takeaway. Wang from Beijing in 2015 reached the maximum amount of the whole platform takeaway consumption records, a total of 180,160 yuan, nearly 500 yuan on average consumption per day! She is a startup company's employees, the company responsible for the whole ordering, a company started only ten come, now grown to over a hundred people, also will increase the amount of ordering. Beijing and other food goods has a point 12 000 crayfish.
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In addition to eating and buying, people in sports and entertainment consumption also achieved on the upgrade. Since 2014, various video sites on income and the number of paying members have achieved substantial growth. As Iqiyi announced in early December 2015 paid membership exceeded 10 million, accounting for 45% of the size of the industry users. To spend money to buy a membership, it has now become not a difficult thing. A year to spend 500 yuan to buy the e-book in palm reading of the statistics is not rare. (Beijing Morning News)
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2016安徽卫视春晚节目单 蔡依林吴亦凡什么时候上场
Enterprises struggle with hidden costs of mobility

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The famous hacker special Linux distribution Kali Linux publicly released its first version of a rollover 2016.1, Kali Linux in version 2.0 update to the scroll mode, but only some early adopters who can upgrade from version 2.0 to rollover, after five months of testing, Kali Linux hackers to send the best of this gift. The updated Kali Linux Rolling (2016.1) not only inherited the Debian stability, but also integrates a variety of penetration testing tools. How, is not the heart of it?
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Reading is a harvest, sharing is a virtue
Members of the wave of another wave of large telecommunications fraud group was escorted home, really exciting news, but I believe the movie like Underworld, like a small scam will qualify, will be released from prison after Gangster comeback.
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Information is the basis for the growth of the Internet industry, but also the target of criminals. People in the collection, use, storage and security of information enterprises have high expectations. Enterprises in the information processing user must own 'high standards and strict requirements', increase investment, ensure the security of user information.


消息称魅族正洽谈10亿美元融资 李楠回应:不知道
Regulations, cybersecurity main hurdles left for autonomous vehicles
Down Hall Installs Phased Upgrade To DirectIP™

黑客Kali Linux发布了首个滚动版

著名的黑客专用 Linux 发行版 Kali Linux 公开发布了其第一个滚动更新版 2016.1,Kali Linux 在 2.0 版本时改为了滚动更新模式,不过仅有部分尝鲜的人可以从 2.0 升级为滚动更新版,经过五个月的测试,Kali Linux 给黑客们送上了这份最好的礼物。此次更新的Kali Linux Rolling (2016.1)不仅继承了 Debian 的稳定性,还集成了各种渗透测试工具等。怎么样,是不是心动了呢?
Kali 滚动版会不断从 Debian testing 进行更新,确保源源不断的得到软件的新版本。这个版本也有一个 VMware 客户端工具方面的戏剧性变化。在 2015年9月, VMware 推荐 使用发行版特定的 open-vm-tools,而不是使用原来的针对客户机的 VMware Tools 软件包。最新的 Kali Linux 滚动更新版包含了一个可以完美工作的 open-vm-tools 软件包,实现了所有需要的功能,比如文件复制、剪贴板复制/粘贴和自动屏幕缩放等。kali linux仅限用于黑客的学习和研究,新版本使得kalilinux变得更加的完善,喜欢的小伙伴们可以下载试一试哦。《Linux就该这么学》正式开课了,赶快加入我们吧!Linux探索园拥有互联网中最优质的Linux技术文章、视频教程与工具资源库!多名RHCA架构师、RHCE工程师、RHCI专家讲师领队,长期提供Linux技术指导和免费课程!一定要关注一下哦《Linux就该这么学》:http://www.linuxprobe.com




消息称魅族正洽谈10亿美元融资 李楠回应:不知道
Regulations, cybersecurity main hurdles left for autonomous vehicles
Down Hall Installs Phased Upgrade To DirectIP™
Security improved by Biometric Cards
FireEye acquires Invotas for faster incident response
Fast, reliable and secure immigration control thanks to Gemalto integrated Border and Visa Management solution

Down Hall Installs Phased Upgrade To DirectIP™

The country house hotel, Down Hall, selects IDIS full-HD surveillance for its high performance and a simple transition.
Down Hall, one of England’s most established country house hotels, has installed IDIS DirectIP using a phased approach to upgrade from its existing legacy analogue CCTV.  On the Hertfordshire and Essex border, Down Hall chose IDIS partner, Rutledge Integrated Systems (RIS), to manage the security upgrade following a refurbishment to include an exclusive gym, sauna and steam room facility.
IDIS DirectIP impressed with its HD performance, affordability, and the capability for a fast and simple phased install.  With significant experience implementing DirectIP across hotel and leisure complexes, RIS demonstrated the powerful full-HD and networked surveillance capability with a delivery plan that kept the impact on hotel operations to a minimum.
Now complete, the first phase of upgrading 70 cameras across the Down Hall estate includes a one-stop-shop and full-HD solution comprising a range of DirectIP mega-pixel cameras, network video recorders (NVR), bundled video management software, and network switches.  Covering the gym, sauna, steam room, and plant rooms, Down Hall is already realising the benefits of DirectIP surveillance through the improvement of staff and guest safety, and the ability to quickly identify any suspicious behaviour, while retrieval of footage has reduced from hours to minutes.
Consumers should be checking their own statements and should report any suspicious transactions to their bank so they can be voided.
Andrew Oxley, General Manager at Down Hall, noted, “IDIS DirectIP offered an affordable and compelling HD solution without the worry of on-going license fees.  The operational benefits in terms of saving time and the ability to quickly detect and respond to crime are immediate.  While we expect to significantly reduce our maintenance costs compared with the legacy system.  The RIS team ensured minimum disruption to staff and guests, making sure our new facilities opened on schedule as we head into our busiest period of the year.”
Andy Rutledge, Managing Director, RIS, added, “Our fifth DirectIP project, we knew we could offer a competitive solution combined with a staged roll out, which allowed us to install in hours rather than days.  The intuitive interface, very similar to analogue systems, means we then handed over to staff quickly and with minimum fuss.”
Packaged as a one-stop-shop affordable solution, comprising a range of IP cameras, network video recorders (NVR), video management software, and network accessories, DirectIP delivers unrivalled plug-and-play simplicity, combined with highest-quality performance, compatibility, and industry leading pricing.  For more information on DirectIP surveillance solutions, go to www.idisglobal.com or e-mail info@idisglobal.com.

About IDIS
IDIS is a global provider of video surveillance solutions and technologies for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets. Headquartered in Korea and operating across 60 countries with branches in the UK and Netherlands, IDIS is the world’s leading DVR manufacturer with more than 1.7 million installations worldwide.
Today, IDIS leads the HD video surveillance market with its end-to-end DirectIP™ solutions comprising a range of IP cameras and network video recorders. DirectIP delivers unrivalled plug-and-play simplicity combined with highest-quality performance, compatibility and industry leading pricing.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/idisglobal
Twitter: www.twitter.com/idisglobal
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/idis-global
About Rutledge Integrated Systems (RIS)

With a wealth of experience in the design, installation and servicing of CCTV, access control and intruder alarms, Rutledge Integrated Systems (RIS) is establishing itself as one of the fastest growing integrated security system companies in the UK.
Through our nationwide network of highly skilled and experienced engineers, we are able to provide a service that is second to none. With the versatility, capabilities and parts facilities to maintain all types of security equipment, coupled with fast response times.  RIS have a wide range of clients from all industry sectors both public and private sector.


HPE launches analytics tool to tackle high-stakes financial compliance risk
Northern Trust readies for potential trickle-down effect of robo-advisory on fund administration
轩轩和弟弟站墙根遭惩罚 网友:说不定两人在偷笑
国裕科技 Docker,云计算开发和生产环境中的利器
A secondary market for crowdfunding investors rises in Chicago



Report: VA computer glitch canceled patient orders
LOL阿卡丽的神秘商店2月网址 LOL神秘钥匙商店地址 神秘钥匙如何获得


全体同学:请注意,如果您收到以下信息——        “学校保卫处通知:学校安全检查时,发现你宿舍灯未关,请回复离寝时是否已关好电源。如不是最后离寝人,请回复其姓名及联系方式,为保证宿舍的安全,请予以配合!”(来源手机号是18622529612)         ——切勿轻易回复。此信息并非保卫处所发!而是骗子以保卫处名义行骗的技俩!其目的在于——套取同学个人信息,进而可能以其有未关窗户等违纪行为对其实施敲诈!  因此,如收到此类信息不必理会。我校所有宿舍窗户均由宿管中心严格检查过,全部关闭完好!学校保卫处不分管此项工作! 
保卫处二〇一六年二月四日编辑:胡美怡  刘珂欣 

苹果发明专利显示未来iPhone/iPad可能采用力敏Touch ID按钮


物联网大势利好 传感器产业前景分析
Bank of Montreal launches SmartFolio, becomes first major Canadian bank with a robo-service



The OpenNotes movement: What comes next
ISO 27001为企业云计算安全保驾护航
2016春节红包最全玩法 支付宝福卡轻松得

State Yu technology Docker, cloud computing development and production environments weapon

Today, Docker already OpenStack open source cloud computing has become the standard, attracting many IT vendors and developers to take root therein. But in reality, many people only know a little Docker or others, and its intrinsic value, and deploy applications more poorly understood.
In simple terms, Docker is an application to packaging, delivery, and operation of an open platform, which is based on a lightweight container technology will be applied in the manner of containers packaged and delivered, can run on any environment. So now the development and application of technology in the end Docker presents a kind of situation? We go to the HPE cloud computing group chief cloud technologist Miss Liu Yankai to find out more answers.
Docker is the enterprise cloud-based booster
Rise and development of any kind of technology, and it will bring something of value to mankind intrinsically linked. 刘艳凯 said. Docker technology is so popular these days, with their own advantages inseparable. Specifically, the advantages of Docker is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
First, Docker can help companies better implement DevOps. Docker technology by way of the application package to be delivered container, which can effectively avoid the traditional application development environment to develop, test, operation and maintenance of the three independent operating mode, is an important tool to achieve business goals DevOps.
Secondly, Docker accelerate product development and delivery speed. Docker able to complete application package, and continue to support iterative development, testing, and this has changed the traditional application delivery and deployment model essence, convenient and conducive to the collaboration, accelerate product development and speed of delivery.
Third, Docker support application migration across any platform. Docker by encapsulating the underlying complexity of technology and access to container configuration, application configuration is also encapsulated in the underlying Docker container, application packaging and container applications shared by different teams get the application image can be easily deployed in their environment, without the need for any changes to the application itself.
Fourth, Docker to maximize environmental performance. Docker with different virtualization, virtualization Hypervisor by the underlying device into a virtual virtual machine and the container is through virtualization technology access control over the Linux kernel, but each container Linux system a process, to avoid the system own performance loss.
Establish and improve the outsourcing contractor assessment, evaluation mechanism, the financial situation of the contractor on a regular basis, technical strength, security qualifications, risk control and integrity of the records for review, evaluation and assessment, to ensure that its facilities and capabilities to meet the outsourcing requirements.
Fifth, Docker support level large scale distributed system expansion. Container from the stop itself is very fast, up to the level of second grade, when deployed in a container application problems, you can immediately start to replace another vessel, thus ensuring high system availability.
Obstacles Docker business practices
Based on these advantages we see, Docker not only to help companies more easily deploy applications to the cloud, it is a development tool for the development of personnel. Leveraging Docker, developers can download from the corresponding mirror image library to quickly build the development environment, and quickly and easily iterative development and testing; after the completion of application development, through the application of its container delivered to the pre-production and production environments, and the application itself does not require additional configuration changes can be completed on-line process.
However, faced with a large hot trend Docker technology, not all businesses are flocking. Liu Yankai believes that obstacle to enterprise adoption Docker many factors, summed up, mainly the following reasons:
Corporate identity is not strong. Docker as a tool, its biggest advantage is to support DevOps, will be tied to the development and operation maintenance. For those still using the traditional development model enterprises, can not get enough value from DevOps, so for lack of identity Docker development model;
There is concern in terms of safety. Docker container based on the underlying technology, this layer of security for the Linux isolation could be improved, for security reasons, many companies began to use only some primary Docker practice and are not to be deployed into the production environment;
Technology maturity needs to be improved. Docker as a new technology is still evolving process, there are technical limitations in flexibility allows storage, network overhead, compatibility, etc., and this is one of the reasons companies use Docker obstacles.
IP video surveillance protects new bingo club
HPE & nbsp; Helion into the Docker & nbsp; enhance the value of
Economy philosophy, in the face of emerging technology development and popularization of enterprise blindly adhere to the traditional development model will not work. Choose a reliable solution and service provider, to avoid unnecessary risks, is mandatory on enterprise cloud proposition road.
Docker maximum value is reflected in support for enterprise DevOps, and native cloud applications extended support for large-scale level. HPE cloud strategy to implement application-centric IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, including support for DevOps service and support for native cloud applications. HPE has entered Docker ecosystems will Helion cloud Docker products and technology closely, promote comprehensive landing cloud strategy.
HPE & nbsp; Helion team actively involved in activities related to the development of community and Docker OpenStack projects and integrates itself in Docker products, enabling customers to better enjoy Docker bring the value and convenience. Helion & nbsp; Development & nbsp; Platform & nbsp; 2.0 integrates Docker, the Docker as a container application, the use of Docker open micro-service architecture, greatly increasing developer productivity; Helion & nbsp; CloudSystem & nbsp; 9.0 will also add support for Docker, the user can use Like other virtualization resources as the bearer selection Docker container applications.

The so-called we must first of its profits, companies want to get greater flexibility and agility from the cloud, speed application delivery, preparation work is very important, it needs reliable tools and appropriate solutions program as a fulcrum.
Source: IDC Circle

As the number of Internet users in a country with the size and capacity of the largest global information network infrastructure and world-first, in the global Internet and the increasing popularity of applications deepening the background, China has become increasingly important in the world of Internet development, applications and services markets.
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【电商晚餐】美团点评春节投15亿红包雨 阿里巴巴称淘宝网遭到黑客攻击(每日三分钟,知晓电商事)
来看看当年的那些DOS病毒 比现在的病毒炫酷多了
Chrome picks up bonus security features on Windows 10



First Hacker Arrested for CyberTerror Charges Arrives In American Court

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奥地利中资企业遭网络诈骗 涉案约5000万欧元【奥地利ToGo】
俄罗斯60小时击溃北约? 外媒炒作俄罗斯威胁论
酒店保洁工拿2张单位厕所手纸 被公示因偷盗开除
When your environment variables are showing

Confidentiality does not end

January 26, director of the Office according to the work schedule of the plant units subordinate routine security check. Focus on the secret documents, mobile carrier registration and management system implementation and daily conduct supervision. And check for outstanding accounting records were incomplete, the mobile carrier security management and foreign personnel registration and other issues, were issued a deadline for rectification notice to eight units.

Confidential inspection team at the scene of each unit in addition to the person in charge of the secret security work guidance, the inspection found the problem, keep at them, and make sure to check that the change that is to investigate and reform in order to enhance the purpose of promoting change . At present, the issues have rectification is completed.
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Information Security brochure catchy phrase can be used, together with vivid comic, and easy to tell the user what is information security, information security misunderstanding, information security behavior is prohibited and so on.


基层动态丨开展消防演练 提升安全意识
Facebooks Trying To Read Your Mind
Andy Slavitt echoes CMS IT message for rural health leaders