Big Data? Tencent being ripped off by the Enterprise User last a fig leaf!

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Big Data? Tencent is being ripped off by the Enterprise User last a fig leaf! 2014-12-22 tiny tiny Bao Bao network Andy REVIEW [400-705-0363]
Tiny treasure Network
Have to say, people are increasingly sensitive to privacy, but the data is dry shady analysis privacy and obtain the value of things, you do not let your underwear Pa, how people give you service! Do not hypocritical, it seems to be born is a contradiction.
In fact, as early as we live in a world where there is no privacy, information symmetry just say to people, access to information, there is no access to information, symmetry just talk, do not take it seriously. Who has not received any direct marketing telephone call your name? If you stop to expect, A World Without Thieves ideal paradise!
Engage in advocacy for big data, he will do so your questions answered: who owns the data you want to see how to use the data, is doing good or evil. The difference between good and evil to do that, who get the benefits. Strictly speaking, to get benefits through analysis privacy is wrong drop!
Sorry, today also mention Tencent threat, because privacy.

Captain America 2 do not know how many people have seen, this is a piece of cattle, which talked about the Insight program, Hey! This is a familiar word, every year seems to have the IBM CIO Insight report. Insight program is the direct trigger S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra final war. Insight into the plan say it simply, is the use of large data analysis of each person's behavior over the years, to determine whether he will become a threat to the world a safer future, and if so, the use of weapons by the end of each satellite positioning to find them, one-time precise Strike This will clean the next world at peace. And these movies are shot in today is one step closer to us.
Ma Ying-jeou to jump the queue
BAT original boundary is very obvious, mutual non-interference between everyone, although the cross but also harmless, be kept to themselves. But the 2014 Spring Festival, the sudden emergence of micro-letter envelopes, breaking the original understanding, Tencent is the jump the queue Let the pattern is changing. Why Tencent frequently saying jump the queue, in fact, is compelling, well-known Tencent largest revenue from the game, when the game reaches the bottleneck revenues, vertical development even then there will not be a big force growth, Ma Ying-jeou is bound to scale, but this seemingly forced extension extends just dabbled Tencent data dimensions, payment and shopping data.
March 10, 2014, Tencent announced Jingdong, Jingdong 15% stake in Tencent, becoming one of its significant shareholders. After the marriage the parties, Jingdong will remain independent. The two sides will integrate the assets, Tencent paid $ 214 million in cash, and the QQ online shopping, pat the electricity supplier and logistics sectors Jingdong incorporated. Yi Xun continue operating as an independent brand, will hold a minority stake in Jingdong Yi Xun, also holds the exclusive all its future subscription rights.
I found a picture on the Internet, First Financial Daily Ali Tencent territory Competition article with pictures.
Pro, see this picture, how do you see? Ignore Ali Tencent perspective, we see the time of day using Tencent product distribution:
QQ Browser: PC Internet time occupation, work eight hours or work from home, mobile client browser is let QQ browser everywhere, I do not believe that the data always research institutions, but to judge from the QQ user base, the top few should be able to some;
QQ, micro-letters: Q micro letter challenged hand position, but whatever the outcome, let Tencent rotten meat in their own pot. This also allows jeou glad endless. Micro-channel data back-office operations, micro-channel user opens once every four minutes micro-channel, such a high viscosity, it is making the dream of micro-channel can be connected to all;
Caifutong: This early in the pat on the launch of the product, has not fire up, but through the micro-channel envelopes this unique Chinese fire up the application, although the market share with Paypal far worse, but their social attributes Alipay can not match, the nation is the world, this thing did not care to tell;

Companies should select institutions National Certification and Accreditation Administration approval for authentication, and security and confidentiality agreements signed with the certification body.
Video, electricity suppliers, buy, games, there is not anything in detail, because today is not helping Tencent inventory. There is no doubt that Tencent is weaving a large network, and each of us are net in them.
Cut user time, require strong links
During this time 2B Cui cows will the group has been discussing enterprise SaaS application is the online promotion or push the issue, I have been thinking, why Ali and Baidu pushed so NB, and now understand a little bit, because Ali between Baidu and users and there is no strong connection, that white is no QQ or micro-channel such stuff.
Ali and Baidu have the user, there is no user. Ali said before, this is a very common scenario: We want only open on Taobao or Lynx Want to buy something, ask with the seller, communication, payment, until you receive the goods online after the transaction is completed. In addition to the seller because the working relationship may be online 24 hours a day, but the buyer to complete the exchange will cut off the connection, which also caused the user can not collect all of the social behavior and data. Ma forced huh double 11, so you Yazi break! Forced to engage in battle between Ma personally, but missed the boat or between genes is not, even though a lot of pressure to, but with little success. It seems, number one project also does not speak of the time.
Baidu relationship with users even more weak, watching ranking Chinese search market leader accounting for the top spot, but Baidu user missed. Baidu also launched this year associate account, which seems to please others wife own pit, under despotic power may be guilty, but the facts are sent over various maidservants. This is Baidu wallet penny promotion strategies to engage the years and still do, no mess like the reason. We are very dependent on the original search, he is the entrance, but when we get channel information is changed, then the inevitable decline of Baidu.
Strongly connected to the user's give a very simple example, for many micro-channel users, it also depends on one awakens there is no information, and then went to sleep. Also, if you buy a single Taobao goods, you'll wake up in the middle of the night to see the delivery of the Internet did not it? In the middle of the night you will suddenly get up and degree of your mother about it? With, but never called the phenomenon.
Enterprise, aim your job data
Since today that the data that go back to the data that matter. Saw earlier, everyone will use Tencent outside work and a variety of applications, instant Tencent Database report your status, whereabouts, preferences, ability to pay, and so data. Thankfully, there is a Tencent not captured, and that is the work of each user's data.
However, the Enterprise is completing field work to collect user data capture task. Believe it or not! We do a simple derivation. Businesses, saying they were just a platform to connect all business. But some prerequisite is necessary, companies must upload the organization, and these companies when applying for the Enterprise conducted a rigorous certification process, it is easy for companies to classify and analyze the industry, region, size and so multi-dimensional, when tens of tens of millions of business users into the enterprise number, the number of data made it easy.
Information security managers need to improve the security of communication ways to make the audience more receptive; you need to ensure the safety awareness of communication can be converted back to a safe action.
For example, it is easy to analyze every industry professionals report, and this report is a genuine data, it is foreseeable that the report ** research institutions no longer buy out, and want only one way to survive and Tencent co-payments I'm here to get data from, you do value-added services. An overall turnover of industry professionals is how much? Overall payroll situation? Easily.
Future Everyone is naked in front of Tencent, Tencent all dimensions of your body might be more understanding than you, such as the 36D or the airport? Another example is you like beer or chicken wings? And then extended it, and life combined with the App, Tencent is easy to know the state of your life, as well as family relationships, understanding your overall household income, in short, the people you will be 360 Tencent attention to. Mom Egg, since I live in a world of Tencent, so happy!
In 2B market, Tencent is being underestimated
People work in obtaining data attributes in the war, Tencent's clever is that they provide a carrier platform and the underlying set 施运维 team to ensure the normal operation and expansion of the platform. And let developers docking enterprise customers, so developers do not have reinforced Tencent 2B combat, so small developers to flame in the first line, 2B compete with traditional service providers. Tencent doing very chicken thief, into the attack, retreat!
We may have underestimated the Tencent, Tencent have entered to create a we do not know 2B atmosphere. 2B Tencent really do not understand people? We look at the father of micro-channel resume Zhang Xiaolong, Zhang is foxmail together with Tencent's revenue, after entering Tencent Guangzhou Research Institute, Zhang has been doing Q RTX and enterprise business, that is, he has been engaged after joining Tencent is 2B.
Once in a while and depth of cooperation with Tencent finally been bitten by a snake, the entrepreneur talk, he said, always be alert Tencent's ambition to enter the enterprise level, when they cooperate with enterprises Q regarded finished product, Tencent investment department suddenly a very low price of investment, after they rejected, this project has been suspended, which is an enterprise ready to fight along with the great work Q tied entrepreneur mean?
He believes
Attack, you can carefully analyze on-line after the application and business use cases, by way of functionality and class tools for companies to provide services, further squeezing developers, anyway, I provide the underlying platform, infrastructure continues to increase, which also reasonable If dissatisfied, bowls!

Shou, through analysis and found that the mother egg! 2B application damn people do not live, can not play Tencent not play. Introduction of enterprise applications market, then dry their own good flow of business, honestly help guide developers to make money!
Internet war is the entrance of the dispute, fight traffic, the user of the dispute, the time to fight, it is also indisputable data. BAT's data in this war, every individual is a data source. In fact, the user can select smaller, unless you do not, isolated. Either enjoying the pleasure but also to endure the pains of harassment!
Cloth has been peeled off, who loves to see who is watching, unless you do not want to see!


业界精英围炉山东雪野湖 对话旅游产业未来走向

Point-of-sale malware creators still in business with Spark, an Alina spinoff

A malware program dubbed Spark that steals payment card data from compromised point-of-sale (POS) systems is likely a modification of an older Trojan called Alina, and highlights a continuing, lucrative business for cybercriminals.
Spark steals card data from a compromised system’s RAM (random access memory) when it’s being processed by specialized software running on the machine. Similar memory scraping malware was behind large data breaches at numerous retailers over the past two years, including Target, the Home Depot and Neiman Marcus.
[10 mistakes companies make after a data breach]Spark gets installed on a system through an AutoIt script that was previously converted into an executable file, according to researchers from security firm Trustwave.
IT Security Specialist should Monitor the functioning of those programs and processes, which are meant to improve the safety quotient in the company.
AutoIt is a scripting language for automating Windows graphical user interface interactions.
This distribution method is similar to the one used by another POS malware program called JackPOS, which is why some antivirus vendors detect Spark as JackPOS.
The use of loaders written in scripting languages like AutoIt, Python or Perl to install malware is not new and is a fairly unsophisticated technique. These scripts are converted into executable files that also embed the interpreter needed to execute them on the target system, making their size quite large.
“In this case, however, the script has a binary in a variable that is loaded into dynamic memory and fixes up all the addresses required for execution,” the Trustwave researchers said. “This is a much more advanced technique and is reusable with different embedded binaries.”
Spark has much more in common with Alina, a family of POS malware that dates back to 2012, than with JackPOS, the Trustwave researchers said. This includes the method used to track infected systems, a black list of system processes that are not being monitored because they’re unlikely to handle card data in memory and the method used to obfuscate communication with the command-and-control servers where stolen data is sent.

Previous Alina variants used several legitimate-sounding executable file names, while JackPOS almost exclusively attempted to masquerade as Java or a Java-related utility. Spark, by comparison, runs as a file called hkcmd.exe that is copied in the %APPDATA%\Install\ folder.
“There have been rumors and conjecture about Alina source code being sold off as well as JackPOS being a successor to the Alina code base,” the Trustwave researchers said in a blog post Thursday. “The Spark variant shows that someone has been updating the Alina source code recently.”
Spark first appeared in late 2013, but was seen active in the wild as recent as a month ago, the Trustwave researchers said.
Infecting POS terminals with malware remains a lucrative business for cybercriminals with new malicious programs that target such systems being found every few months. The most common attack vector against POS devices are stolen or weak remote administration credentials that can be easily discovered using brute force methods.

Some new POS terminals protect card data from malware by encrypting it the moment a customer’s card is swiped. However, replacing existing POS systems with newer models that support point-to-point encryption would be costly for many retailers, which is why these attacks are not likely to disappear anytime soon.


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FLYHT Announces Approved Debenture Extension and Warrant Extension
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Computer Logic Group Expands Reseller Agreement With Pearson to…

Computer Logic Group today announced an expansion of its reseller agreement with Pearson to provide schools in North America with the company’s digital learning programs.Ronkonkoma, NY (PRWEB) December 19, 2014 Computer Logic Group today announced an expansion of its reseller agreement with Pearson to provide schools in North America with the company’s digital learning programs. By combining products and services from Pearson with Computer Logic Group’s expertise in designing, implementing and supporting fully-managed instructional programs, this collaboration will allow school leaders to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers by working with one unified team.

Cybercriminals are constantly devising cunning new ways to trick users into clicking their phishing links or opening infected attachments.
“We are very excited about expanding our relationship with Pearson who clearly shares our passion to identify new ways to enhance and enrich the entire learning experience,” said Robert Springer, president of Computer Logic Group. “We have worked with schools for 26 years and have been working with Pearson PowerSchool for 11 years. Through this expanded agreement, we are taking our offering to the next level by providing schools with Pearson’s personalized digital learning solutions that will help improve student outcomes.”
Pearson collaborates with major platform, software, mobile and hardware providers to simplify the deployment of personalized digital learning solutions. Among the digital learning solutions from Pearson that Computer Logic will offer to its K-12 customers are PowerSchool, iLit, and eTexts.
“This new opportunity is a natural extension of the work we have been doing with Pearson’s PowerSchool, the fastest-growing, most widely used web-based student information system,” said Nancy O’Donnell, director of student information systems of Computer Logic Group. “As a Pearson K-12 channel partner, we can round out our educational offerings and provide a complete, comprehensive, end-to-end solution.”
About Computer Logic Group
Computer Logic Group is headquartered in Ronkonkoma, N.Y. Computer Logic Group Inc., which was founded in 1988, offers a wide variety of services and products, including network infrastructure, data hosting, backup disaster recovery and various remote support solutions for the education segment. For information about Computer Logic Group services, contact Robert Springer at (888) 466-5775 or visit us at or


Freddie Mac Issues Monthly Volume Summary for November 2014
《问道》跨年资料片26日公测 心法系统上线
互联网金融缺乏监管 专家:投资人投资需谨慎
Microsoft begins appeal against US demands for cloud data stored in Ireland
韩国因美国出现禽流感 禁止进口美产活禽和禽肉
Cybercrime group steals millions from Russian banks, targets US and European retailers

ITU-R SG1国内对口组2014年度工作会议在京召开



12月10日,国际电信联盟无线电通信部门第一研究组(SG 1)国内对口组组长单位——国家无线电监测中心、国家无线电频谱管理中心在京组织召开了2014年度工作会议。

会上,部国际电联工作委员会秘书处主任徐伟岭介绍了秘书处2014年工作情况及后续工作计划,重点回顾了国际电联全权代表大会(PP-14)的相关工作。工业和信息化部无线电管理局处长常若艇对2014年SG 1及下设工作组会议进行了总结和点评,对2015年SG 1会议相关工作进行了部署。
来自中心和重庆通信学院的专家分别介绍了SG 1下设的频谱工程、频谱管理和频谱监测等工作组的工作情况以及太赫兹频段资源开发与应用研究现状。
据悉,2014年,SG 1及其下设工作组共举行两次会议,我国主导了WRC-159.1.6议题、频谱监测演进、卫星监测技术测向系统测向精度等议题的研究,参与了认知无线电、白频谱和数字红利、无线功率传输、国家频谱管理手册、计算机辅助管理手册等课题的研究。4人担任研究组副主席、子工作组主席、起草组主席和信函组主席等职务。提交11篇文稿,会议完全接受或大部分接受9篇。


SunTrust Bank Credit Score Disclosure: SubscriberWise Founder Provides New Evidence of the Existence of Lender-Based Perfect Credit Scores
South Korean Nuke Plant Begins Cyber Attack Drill
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Google faces €15m fine from Dutch data watchdog for privacy violations
Hyatt to Launch Free Wi-Fi Access in All Lobbies and Guest Rooms Worldwide
Jaguar Animal Health Initiates Filing of Its First New Animal Drug Application With FDA


主动适应经济新常态 科学构建征管新机制



Police brutality protesters rally at Mall of America
Spear Phishing to Get More Personal in 2015
The grinch isnt a Linux vulnerability, Red Hat says
Staples says hack may have compromised 1 million-plus payment cards

Challenge the county party secretary soil dual 12 more than anyone else?

The county party secretary who also Duman fight. To make a local specialty out of the county town, the 1212, the county party secretary and Taobao have to write a letter of recommendation to the local specialty, made origin. It is reported that in 1212 only small farmers can farm, consumers can enjoy the best quality of agricultural products directly from the 1000 villages.
Native is a favorite food goods
The county party secretary is not a spur of the moment, they chose the dual 12 Taobao recommend native is justified. Data from Taobao show that in the provinces ranked in the top three selling products, native is a favorite food goods, Gansu Lixian apples, Hubei Kudzu powder, organic yellow millet, Hebei, Henan iron yam Hunan betel Takahashi, Hainan fresh jackfruit, Qaidam Nuomuhong wild black wolfberry have the list.
Many people do not know the past, the original Yili also produced high-quality rice, Tianjin surpass pear shawo radish, lotus, Jiangxi and delicious meal … when these good things to eat goods debut in front of picky, and instantly became a chowhound their favorite. Only this year, September 1 – 25 converge in Xinjiang, the event, Xinjiang sellers on Taobao sold 70 tons jujube, fig 55 tons and 48 tons of grapes. In addition, Taobao first time to create a joint Xinjiang Museum Orchard custom mode, a total of more than 6000 copies sold a total of more than 40 tons of Xinjiang staging consumers served fruit packages. By the end of November, only one day in Taobao picky Heilongjiang ring sold 12,000 copies rice paddy floral total of six kilograms, canola farmer from Anhui day online sold 2.1 kilograms.
Magistrate said that the best dual 12 local brands have come
BAIDU_CLB_fillSlot (969537);
From Shandong East County Deputy Magistrate Wang Gang said that as the only donkey-hide gelatin origin on Taobao, gelatin from East Azerbaijan's annual sales exceeding 260 million yuan. This time he put the good of the entire East County gelatin belt. In addition we are most familiar with the donkey-hide gelatin, gelatin Church consolidate solid element paste, jujube gelatin powder crane ace, East Agusta A plastic film and other well-known brands such East County also have come up with the top of the good stuff .
If Long Island Magistrate Liu Shujun not recommended if the goods are not going to eat that the original Long Island county is Chinese abalone, scallops, kelp town. Sin has said on this island on the sea, the fish are mainly exported to Japan, Korea and other places. The magistrate who is under the original capital, freeze-dried sea cucumber 裕生源 from Long Island, this resort to 9.9 yuan per gram price, in peacetime, it needs to be sold for 99 yuan per gram.

It is reported that during the double 12, they do not even have to eat a home goods Taobao shop stroll down every day special on Taobao, from 120 counties specialty products will be concentrated expression, of which 60% are agricultural products. Smoked oysters from Rushan, Shennongjia mushroom, as well as wild lavender honey from Kashgar region, which will debut in one day.
The mayor said, home-grown food taste the most authentic

Mayor who gave the home-grown produce brought. Dual 12 year period, Taobao will be the first venue located smallholders, farmers from more than 1000 native villages to nearly half of the minimum price within 30 days of food goods to satisfy homesick in dual 12 day.
In addition to the lamb skewers Xinjiang, Hainan, okra, taro these hometown in Hunan Yongzhou agricultural products, the village had resorted killer mom's taste. As Shandong Lan Town, chief of the village to keep the instrument Lok Lee Kay recommended handmade corn bread surface, using local new wheat flour mill made and new corn produced, each a full catty heavy bread, there are already more than 2000 food goods to buy. Pi County, Sichuan spring with villagers over three years through natural Fanshai brewed Pi bean paste, has attracted more than 4,000 food goods mouth water. Currently, the party secretary of the recommended products, the most popular wild croaker dry when the number of the East China Sea, there are already 2.4 million people to join the shopping cart, just waiting for the 12 day double click on the next single.
Village say they sell native villagers from the village, but now they have become a celebrity in the village. Such as the return of the ancient Shu owners hand-made bean paste owner Kuai Rosa, in Taobao shop for three years already. For three years, the villagers heritage for centuries the healing process in the process of making bean paste, find a good way to increase income. Now, the village folk chefs put their special skill to make out, someone made the most delicious hot pot seasoning, someone's best to eat pickled sauerkraut, on Quine Rosa store to try on know.
Editor: Li Wenyao
Copyright works without the World Wide Web written authorization is forbidden and offenders will be held liable.
Copyrights end ->
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Case ghost sale of personal information across a profit these days on exposure case, I believe the future will continue, carriers collect personal information why so many users, if it is to be the regulatory authority requirements, it is also the sub-levels ,
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信息安全驱动 中国2020年前本土技术将“扶正”
Sony says The Interview will still be released, but not necessarily on Crackle
Microsoft files suit against alleged tech support scammers







Mayo Schmidt to Step Down From Agrium’s Board of Directors
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Hyatt to Launch Free Wi-Fi Access in All Lobbies and Guest Rooms Worldwide

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As part of the company’s continued efforts to evolve the guest experience by listening and responding to guest needs, Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) today announced plans to offer free Wi-Fi at all Hyatt hotels worldwide, providing connectivity and convenience regardless of booking method or loyalty program participation.
Free Wi-Fi will become available to Hyatt guests around the world in February 2015. Travelers will be able to access free Wi-Fi on an unlimited number of mobile devices or laptops in Hyatt-branded hotel guest rooms and social spaces.
“Internet connectivity is no longer an amenity. It has become an integral part of travelers’ daily lives and a basic expectation,” said Kristine Rose, vice president of brands for Hyatt. “Travelers shouldn’t have to remember which brands or locations offer it for free or the strings attached to get it.”
Hyatt hotels across many brands have long offered Wi-Fi at no charge to guests in several of its brands and to elite members of the Hyatt Gold Passport loyalty program. Expanding free Wi-Fi is part of Hyatt’s ongoing focus to make the guest experience more seamless.

“Our colleagues are committed to not just listening to what our guests say, but understanding their real needs. This practice has already brought us new ways to make a guest’s stay more personal and seamless, from expedited check-in methods to easier ways for guests to make requests,” Rose said. “Today, people consider smartphones just as important as their car, and more important than television or coffee.* Travelers feel out of sync with their lives when they can’t freely connect. Giving free Wi-Fi without a catch will enable us to continue innovating the guest experience to help people be more productive and stay better connected to colleagues, friends and family.”
Where available, Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond and Platinum tier members will receive a complimentary upgrade to premium Wi-Fi service.
The term “Hyatt” is used in this release to refer to Hyatt Hotels Corporation and/or one or more of its affiliates.

About Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Hyatt Hotels Corporation, headquartered in Chicago, is a leading global hospitality company with a proud heritage of making guests feel more than welcome. Thousands of members of the Hyatt family strive to make a difference in the lives of the guests they encounter every day by providing authentic hospitality. The Company’s subsidiaries develop, own, operate, manage, franchise, license or provide services to hotels, resorts, branded residences and vacation ownership properties, including under the Hyatt®, Park Hyatt®, Andaz®, Grand Hyatt®, Hyatt Regency®, Hyatt Place®, Hyatt House®, Hyatt Zilara™, Hyatt Ziva™, Hyatt Residences® and Hyatt Residence Club® brand names and have locations on six continents. As of September 30, 2014, the Company’s worldwide portfolio consisted of 573 properties in 48 countries. For more information, please visit
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*Braun Research on behalf of Bank of America, June 2014
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