World’s First Surface and Air Sanitising Hand Dryer Reduces Spread of…

Handy Dryers is excited to announce that they will be launching the world’s first air and surface sanitising hand dryer to combat the spread of infectious diseases with their latest innovation Sterillo.Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 28 November 2014 With toilets being visited by the average person between six to eight times a day, it is undeniable that they contain a number of germs and airborne pathogens. Handy Dryers is excited to announce that they will be launching the world’s first air and surface sanitising hand dryer to combat the spread of infectious diseases with their latest innovation Sterillo.
“The bacteria in toilets are completely unavoidable. People can clean all areas of the toilet regularly and flush with the toilet seat down in their homes. However, they don’t have the same luxury of maintaining toilet cleanliness in public places. While people can’t control toilet cleanliness outside their homes, they do have control over the cleanliness of their hands. Sterillo gives people confidence that their hands are clean after each use to help reduce the spread and buildup of bacteria,” Steven Levy, founder.

The innovative and modern high-speed hand dryer has been designed with an AirSteril module to provide continuous air and provide sanitation to hands and surfaces. Sterillo is 98.8% effective at removing airborne bacteria, viruses, and mould while also combating all odours with its unique technology. By replacing dated hand dryers with Sterillo, businesses can feel more confident informing their customers about the quality of cleanliness in their toilets. By killing both airborne and surface pathogens, there is a great reduction in the cross contamination of a multitude of infectious diseases.
“Many don’t realise that a large population has fecal matter on their hands, mobile devices and handbags due to unsanitary toilet practices. As Sterillo dries a person’s hands, it also helps sanitise them to prevent the spread of fecal matter, bacteria and more. Regular use of our product may help reduce a person’s chances of catching the flu, gastroenteritis and other infectious diseases. It is highly recommended that hands are washed, after each visit to the toilet, to help eliminate the spread of bacteria and infectious disease,” Levy.
The Sterillo hand dryer is a joint venture of Handy Dryers, a trading division of Heat Outdoors Limited, and AirSteril who bring their toilet air purification expertise as industry leaders in the United Kingdom. Sterillo will be available for purchase in winter 2014 through leading electrical wholesalers and online at


SDF Ebola protective clothing shipped to West Africa training opportunity

Original title: SDF Ebola protective clothing shipped to West Africa training opportunity
BEIJING, Nov. 29, according to Japanese news network reported that the Japanese assistance in West Africa the first Ebola protective clothing, will be transported by the Self-Defense Force transport plane Ghana December 6, scheduled to arrive on the 8th destination.
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The Japanese government said Japan's assistance to the West African nation of disposable protective clothing a total of 70 million units, the first batch of 20,000 units by the Self-Defense Force transport aircraft, and the remaining 68 million units by private airlines in the delivery.
Japan's defense minister on the 28th under the International Emergency Assistance Team Act, has issued a command to the SDF dispatch. According to this order, the ASDF will send the most advanced large KC767 aerial refueling transport is responsible for the delivery of this first mission.

KC767 from the ASDF's Komaki base located in Aichi starting from the first delivery charge of Air Force mission. Reported that, because of KC767 aerial refueling tanker and transport aircraft itself, and therefore will implement a rare long-distance flight. Is there a fighter aircraft with? Japan's defense ministry were not disclosed. But you can believe that this is a long-distance training action JASDF rare.
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(Source: China News Network)


在大西洋彼岸,英国 – 在美国黑色星期五促销虽然感恩节是最近进口甚至不是一个节日有 – 购物者有时同样敌意。战斗导致几人被逮捕和受伤,其中包括争吵在全国各地的多家乐购店。 “在客户的安全利益,少数这些商店的联系警方昨晚,以帮助控制人群安全,现在商店都正常交易,”特易购的发言人说,根据独立。


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December sky meteor play a leading role

Original title: sky meteor play a leading role in December
Science and Technology Daily Beijing November 28 (Reporter Xu Bin) enter December, the sky seems to be the protagonist of a meteor, meteor shower turns staged three games. Among them, Phoenicids and Ursids mysterious and exciting, Geminids meteor destined brilliant. Beijing Planetarium curator Zhu Jin said that if the weather is fine, in good observing conditions of wild great Geminids per hour are expected to see up to about 60 meteors.
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First, the public will be ushered Phoenicids. This is not a well-known meteor shower amateur astronomers. Its last eruption was in December 5, 1956, in the next half a century of time attributed to silence, the zenith hourly flow of only 1-5 meteors per year. In 2005, scientists trace the Phoenicids parent comet, its tracks were measured, and accordingly estimate early December this year, with the possibility of Phoenix seat under a large meteor shower. December 1 to 2, the Earth will pass through the parent comet dust left on the track, similar to the 1956 formation of the outbreak of a meteor shower. Beijing around 8:00 am on the 2nd, the meteor shower reaches its maximum, the zenith hourly traffic may reach 150. Zhu Jin said, taking into account the possible bias meteor forecast, there is some observational astronomy enthusiasts can experience observed in December 1st and the 2nd night. Currently, Phoenicids radiant drift to the Sculptor already after dark to our country can be observed around midnight.
This year, both the northern quadrant of the three meteor showers and the Perseids meteor shower, there are still Meteor Rain King, said the Leonids are mediocre. In mid-December, a record that is expected to be rewritten Geminids meteor shower will usher in the finale of the show feast. Beijing Planetarium, said Ma Jin, Geminids meteor light, steady flow is known, almost never disappoint too. This year, the Geminid meteor shower of the active period beginning from December 4 until December 17. Great time at 20:00 on December 14, the zenith hourly flow rate of 120. Zhu Jin said, the actual number of meteors can be observed with the weather conditions and the conditions of the relevant observations. If the weather is fine day, in good condition on the outskirts of hourly observations may see up to fifty or sixty meteors. Shortly after dark, Gemini meteor shower radiant point rises from the northeast, visible almost all night, and after midnight waning moon rises in the east. Ma Jin said, a great time overall, the height of the radiant moon impact factor, midnight to midnight on the 14th are very suitable for viewing Geminids.
When the Geminid meteor shower turned to leave, another meteor shower will follow. December 17 to 26, Ursids enter the active phase, and reaches a maximum at 23 December. And Phoenicids as Ursids mysterious and worth the wait – because every year the traffic is extremely small, it is rarely observed, when the forecast calls for a great year zenith hourly flow rate of 10; but another forecasting believe 12 8:40 am on March 23, the Earth will pass through in 1392 when its parent comet dust left return, bring a meteor burst. The dust has long ago predicted the uncertainty is large, probably nothing will happen. Ma Jin said the public might of extreme western sky before dawn staring, 700 years ago to test whether cosmic dust left Earth will bring surprises.
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(Source: Science Daily)

Siemens Patches Critical ICS Flaws

Industrial Control System (ICS) manufacturer Siemens has released patches for two critical vulnerabilities in its SCADA systems it believes are probably being exploited in the wild by attackers.
An alert from the ICS-CERT this week revealed that the problems affect products using the Siemens WinCC application.
One of the flaws allows for unauthenticated remote code execution, meaning an attacker could take control of affected systems with little skill required. ICS-CERT claimed that exploits targeting them are potentially available.

Indicators exist that this vulnerability may have been exploited during a recent campaign, it said.
The advisory continued:
Siemens has produced a patch that mitigates this vulnerability in the WinCC application and is working on updates for the remaining affected products to address the other vulnerability in the WinCC application…
Impact to individual organizations depends on many factors that are unique to each organization. NCCIC/ICS-CERT recommends that organizations evaluate the impact of these vulnerabilities based on their operational environment, architecture, and product implementation.
The remote code execution vulnerability, CVE-2014-8551, has been given a CVSS score of 10.
The other, CVE-2014-8552, could also be remotely exploitable, but has been given a CVSS score of 7.8.
A component within WinCC could allow unauthenticated users to extract arbitrary files from the WinCC server if specially crafted packets are sent to the server, the advisory explained.
Before you share your contact information, daily routine and personal attribute on your blog or popular social networking website like weibo and wechat, stop and think. You could be putting your safety and your future at risk.
The vulnerabilities disclosed this week affect Siemens SIMANTIC WinCC SCADA system and the related PCS7 distributed control system (DCS) and TIA Portal.
Siemens is one of the worlds largest producers of industrial control systems and has been a target for cyber-criminals many times before.

Last month ICS-CERT revealed details of a three-year BlackEnergy malware campaign targeting, among other products, Siemens WinCC.

The firms industrial control systems were also found to be affected by the notorious Heartbleed flaw discovered earlier this year.





研究人员研发超薄涂层 可在夏天为大楼“降温”(组图)



保障食品安全 浙江省要统一监管网上订餐平台


Millet 5 next year to return to domestic flagship throne? Confrontation MX4 Pro

TechWeb reported as a growing number of domestic mobile phone brand layout high-end models, as the originator of millet phone off the price, but also the intention to make changes in terms of millet 5.
Relative to the Meizu launch Nov. 19 launch of MX4 Pro, Meizu is the most high-priced flagship return this year to 2,499 yuan, while speaking on the features and configuration, MX4 Pro is definitely better than in previous years, any configuration Meizu locate a cell phone and even has a good few blocks dumped millet 4, millet no corresponding products PK, Meizu is the MX4 Pro opponents locked to 3,000 yuan domestic flagship.
We have to look after their own network security, intrusion detection and prevention strengthened, do not be dark and did not know who did it.
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Relative to hard to lay the country, millet certainly will not stand still, before the message is displayed, millet 5 is quietly developing, and related mold has been exposed, millet 5 Xiaolong 810 processor equipped with the 5.7-inch screen, 2K, and provide fingerprint technology to unlock, so some breakthroughs, but also makes the price of millet five suspected higher than 1999 yuan.
Later yesterday, industry analysts talk about Sun Changxu microblogging millet and other domestic mobile phone Meizu road in 2015, Meizu, millet Sike will be conducted next year on high-end machines, as for the price, the Sun Changxu did not make the analysis, but there is no doubt that after The new flagship's sure to make a change, is to maintain price 1999 yuan, 2499 yuan to rise or directly to butt heads with the Meizu, now is the official estimate of the strategic layout of millet five questions.

保障食品安全 浙江省要统一监管网上订餐平台
High-end machine market next year will be fierce competition. Of course, according to the usual strategy of millet view, millet phone configuration sturdy 5 price is more lower than MX4 Pro can not say.

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Is always shining gold of re-energized Eight actor

The waves pushed forward waves, a new generation replacing the old one is the natural law of show business, for star, fame is always difficult, but it is falling dust the moment thing. But is always shiny gold, and there are always some stars, no matter how low ebb again, he can always re-energized, his amazing vitality.
Jiang Wen
After the sunny day from Devils on the Doorstep to The Sun Also Rises, although people have seen the Jiang Wen's talented, but for various reasons, its impact is not satisfactory. Until Let the bullets fly, Jiang finally re-energized, not only stand to income-generating livelihoods, but also give yourself a new title: director of one of the highest grossing Chinese, from the achievements of the Chinese film unique Jiang.
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Hu Dong

If someone asks who is the most famous in the film and television actor is a non-technical education, supermodel-turned-Hu East would be able to get on the number row. T-shaped units had moved from film and television, Hu Dong transformation can only be regarded as marginally successful, though also in front of an audience mixed Lianshu, but failed to show for work, this situation continued into the new Water Margin launch, attentive care of his wife home from a good man, until the wind Snow Temple Assault five steps staged shaking reversal, Hu Dong performances dizzying. Righteous coach Lin suddenly became popular among women of all ages in the audience dreams. Hu supermodel people the impression that since the East has become a powerful actor Hu Dong. Not long ago, Hu Dong Gao Xixi has been fancy, playing Legend of Chu and Han in Lawrence of English cloth, and his favorite actor Chen Daoming take the drama. We can say that the top of this year's re-energized the must go to him.
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